High-performance driving
with zero pollution

AIRPOWER Compressed air engine

AIR POWER Compressed air engine

Designed in Italy, the AIR POWER engine presents an efficient and environmentally-friendly innovation: the first compressed-air propulsion high-performance technology.

SET ENERGIES offers a retrofit kit that allows existing vehicles such as vans, utility vehicles, trucks, etc. to be converted into “green” vehicles powered by compressed air.

driving with
zero pollution

  • Air is a clean fuel
  • No harmful hydrocarbon emission, no smoke, no fine particles
  • Zero CO2 well-to-wheels level of emission
  • Non-polluting efficiency: during a regular cycle, the vehicle sucks and filters the ambient air four times
  • Helping in environmental cleanup: air expelled from the exhaust during the last stroke is cleaner than the ambient air
  • Cleaner than any electric vehicle
  • Trucks and pick-ups running only on compressed air
  • Compressed-air generators converting mechanical energy into electrical energy
Compressed air engine taxi

a low-cost

  • consumption: there is an infinite source of air; air is less expensive than gasoline and/or diesel as it is abundant, accessible, readily captured, compressible, easy to transport and to store
  • manufacturing: requires less components than a combustion or electric engine
  • assembly: simpler to assemble than a combustion electric or hybrid engine
  • maintenance: being reliable and rugged, this engine has lower risks of failure, does not need warmup, requires less maintenance than a traditional combustion engine, and is not affected by battery hot corrosion; the air tank lasts longer than batteries which degrade with each subsequent charging cycle.