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About SET Energies

SMART ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES SET Inc. is a Canadian company in partnership with the Italian firm SETECHNOLOGIES Srl, and the British firm AIR POWER TECHNOLOGIES GROUP Ltd.

SET Inc. unveils an innovation that will change the world of energy and mobility. An Italian invention now being implemented in Montreal for all North America.

Engines running on compressed air have been around since the 19th century. Many tests, designed to increase the performance of these engines have been carried out, but the range of the CAV (compressed air vehicles) had always been rather limited. A new technology designed by Italian engineers and developed over the last few years, now makes it possible not only to manufacture highly efficient compressed-air engines, but also to convert traditional engines into compressed-air engines.

AIR POWER, the new powerful and modular engine, is already attracting interest from potential Canadian partners. Furthermore, a memorandum of understanding was signed with the École de technologie supérieure (ETS) to create a development center for compressed air technologies and to allow access to skilled resources in Montreal in order to build vehicle prototypes operating with the AIR POWER engine. The objective is to implement the technology transfers to Montreal, making it the North American competence center.

AIR POWER will be demonstrated in Montreal in early March 2016:

  • Demonstrations in Montreal, in Spring 2016, at the Centre de l’entrepreneurship technologique (Centech) of the École de technologie supérieure (ETS).
  • Marketing initiatives for the North American market, by World Renewable Energy Group (WREG Inc.). Contact: Jean-Eudes Tremblay at 514-235-2299.

Two development projects have already started in Montreal:

  • To develop a selection of air generators to replace the gas generators or the batteries.
  • To build a series of vans and pickups running with 100% clean air.